About Rick Nye

Rick is a highly acclaimed professional photographer, capturing nature’s exquisite beauty. After his tour with the U.S. Army in Southeast Asia as an infantry soldier, Rick returned to Brigham Young University where he received his Master’s Degree in Visual Arts. He taught basic, portrait, and commercial photography at BYU as well as managing the photo lab and photo studio facilities. He is now the owner/photographer at Rick Nye Photography near Salt Lake City, Utah. Rick’s photography has been recognized by several professional institutions: Kodak has twice awarded Rick with the Kodak Gallery Award for Photographic Excellence. He has had his work published in the Professional Photographers Of America magazine. Several of his photos have garnered awards from the Intermountain Professional Photographers Association, of which he was a board member. The Florida Epcot Center accepted one of his photographs to hang in the Epcot Art Museum. His studio was voted Best in Utah Valley. Rick’s ability to previsualize the final photograph has played an important role in his success as a photographer. With that print in mind, he manipulates the scene—whether it be a family portrait session or flowing waterfall—through complete light control, camera and lens settings, composition, and print presentation. These elements must all work in harmony with each other in order to produce that previsualized print. Rick showcases his work several times a year through gallery exhibits and art exhibitions.